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>> finally, tonight, we've
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been reporting new york city mayor michael bloomberg has been pushing a ban on high sugar beverages that exceed 16 ounces and a judge ruled last week that the mayor overreached. well, no matter how you feel about that, here is one instance from our friends at fox 5 new york where maybe the larger drink size is not necessarily a better choice. >> and that monster super big gulp is still commercially viable. (laughter) >> sorry, i apologize. >> oh! >> don't, don't-- i thought you were going to -- sorry! (laughter) oh, wow. we get new computers. >> first of all, i'm sorry to you, i'm sorry to you. i'm sorry to you, are you okay? >> i'm fine, a little wet, a little wet and an ice cube on my skirt. (laughter)
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dangerous business with those drinks. our friend greg kelly there in new york. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this special report, fair and balanced. >> this is a fox report, tonight, fox news confirms a person has been detained in libya in connection with the attack on our u.s. consulate in benghazi. we're at the very beginning stages of learning details and working the story. also at the beginning the new pope for the catholic church. day one on the job. ♪ >> he now leads a flock of more than 1.2 billion. >> i'm excited. >> i think it's a blessing, for all of us. >> the catholic church's humble new leader began his
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first day by settling his own hotel bill and grabbing his own luggage. plus, another carnival cruise ship stranded, just one month after the now infamous fiasco aboard the triumph. new reports of power outages, overflowing toilets and broken elevator. tonight, just how bad is it aboard the carnival "dream", and a whole new slew of celebrities roped into a hacking scandal that's already involved, some of the most powerful people in washington and hollywood. but the question remains, is this all just one big hoax? first tonight, a major milestone on wall street and uplifting news anybody fortunate enough to have a 401(k). i'm harris falkner in tonight for shepard smith. the dow jones industrial
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average gaining nearly 84 points on the day. this has the not happened since 1996 and also the 8th day in a row finishing with a record close, putting this into perspective now for you, the dow has only had three longer winning streaks in its entire history of 120 years, it was also a good day for the s & p, which jumped nine points to close just two points below its record high and the nasdaq rose 14. fox business network anchor gerri willis live from her own studio, her show just wrapped up. what is behind today's rise and overall the streak in general? >> you know, harris, it's fascinating to watch the stock market take off. today the news was filing for unemployment benefits for the third week in a row. those filings actually fell and that's good news for what's going on in the markets, we like to see that because it means the economy is doing better. of course, we talk how the federal reserve is playing a role in the rallywell.
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standing behind the economy and keeping the interest rates low and making sure that we can keep this economy bubbling along. so, every day we're watching this and every day it's going higher, harris. >> so you're sitting at home and not a big time investor. watching your retirement funds, is now a good time to put money in stocks. >> the people we're talking to saying he we could have a retrenchment, 2, 5, maybe more on the big board, the dow stocks and that's an opportunity for people to get back in if we have a pullback, that's what i would wait for. if you've got a long time horizon, be in stocks, you want to make sure you're going to fund your retirement with investments that last over a lifetime, not over 20 minutes or two seconds, like the pros sometimes do, harris. >> gerri willis, thank you very much. libyan authorities reportedly holding a person in custody tonight in connection with the terror attack on the u.s. outpost in benghazi. it left our u.s. ambassador and three other americans dead, as you know.
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that is what sources are telling fox news at this hour. we do know the person is a libyan citizen. and we know investigators are questioning this person to figure out whether or not he's a witness or actually took part in the killing. as you'll recall, terrorists raided the u.s. complex on september 11th of last year, killing u.s. be ambassador christopher stevens, state department official sean smith and two former navy seals, tyrone woods and glenn doherty. pope francis already living up to the title the people's pope on his very first full day as head of the catholic church. the pope shaking hands with the people at rome's main basilica earlier. the vatican reports he refused to take a limousine last night and rode the bus with the the other cardinals back to the guest house after he became pope. of course, he was known to ride the bus and cook his own
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meals back in argentina and also today, officials say pope francis went to his hotel, paid the bill himself and picked up his own bags. leland vittert mrlive from rome tonight, tell us about the first mass. >> the first mass continued the theme of humility and simplicity and many who watched say he sounded almost like a parish priest as he talked to the cardinals of his church now, more than a hundred gathered this in the sistene chapel, he spoke with no notes, but a powerful message. he says the church needs to return to the gospel, it needs to continue to tend its flock and also go back to its roots in terms of teaching what jesus did as well and much is being made about what pope francis wore in his very first time this in the sistene chapel. look at the pictures, pope benedict there, known for gold cross, ornate crosses and gemstones often times in the cross. pope francis, an old wooden
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cross he used back in his time back in argentina, harris. >> i know they're minor details, but they talk to the larger fabric of things, if you will, that are really changing that we can see before our eyes. what about the cardinals who like their fancy accoutrement? >> well, there's a lot of people here who say the old west saying might apply, there's a new sheriff in town. remember, pope francis has some serious issues to deal with, the sex abuse scandal, vatican leaks scandal, the vatican banking issues. from the very beginning he has set a tone here in rome they say really shows things are about to change. the cardinals and bishops who are used to the trappings of their office may be getting the hint here they should start asking what they can do for the church, what they can do for the poor and their flock, rather than asking what the church can do for them. read into this what you will, harris, we were told that pope francis was going to go meet with pope benedict today, he did not. and according to the vatican spokes people that should happen, quote, in the next
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couple of days, read into that what you will. it might say a lot about the new papacy. >> and we will continue to follow. lelan leland, thank you very much. house speaker john boehner turning down a chance to attend the-- to rome. and he says he's grateful for the invitation, but my duties in the house including hosting the president and prime minister in the capital and the debate on the budget makes that impossible, end quote. and also in washington, a senate committee passed a ban on assault weapons as lawmakers got into a fight over the u.s. constitution. ahead, the fireworks on capitol hill and what happens to that bill now. and the discovery that could help us understand so much more about our universe. what happened today and why it's important. and youngsters reportedly
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>> new developments in a standoff that police say went on for nearly a day. an s.w.a.t. team has killed a man who they say went on a deadly rampage. we're told it started yesterday after a fire broke out inside of an apartment in upstate new york about an hour east of syracuse. officers saying the man who lived in that apartment walked into a barbershop and asked the guy cutting hair if he remembered him and opened fire. he also killed two customers. then he drove to an auto care shop where he killed two more people including an employee. investigators say the man ultimately hid inside an abandoned bar. and then this morning, after a standoff, nearly 19 hours, s.w.a.t. closed in. police say the gunman opened
4:14 pm
fire killing a fbi dog and the superintendent says the man was apparently a loner. a heated debate on a ban on assault weapons. a senate committee approved a bill and facing a tougher fight in the full senate. and we're getting a preview of just how intense that could be. mike emanuel live on capitol hill for us tonight. mike, sparks flew between the author of the legislation and a newcomer to the senate. >> reporter: well, that's right, harris. when talking gun control, texas freshman ted cruz gave california's dianne feinstein a bit of a lecture on the constitution. here is a sample. >> the question that i would pose to the senior senator from california is would she deem it consistent with the bill of rights for congress to engage in the same endeavor that we are contemplating doing with the second amendment, in the context of the first or fourth amendment? >> reporter: the point he's
4:15 pm
making the second amendment allows people to keep and bear arms and should not be infringed including by senator feinstein's bill, harris. >> harris: in that clip or video, senator feinstein was doing all the listening. she's a veteran of the senate and how did she respond. >> reporter: she replied saying she's not a 6th grader and if a well-educated and on the committee for 20 years. and thanked ted cruz for the lecture and made this point. >> it exempts, 2,271 weapons. isn't that stuff for the people in the united states? do they need a bazooka? do they need other high-powered weapons that million people use to kill in close combat? i don't think so. >> reporter: the bill passed the committee on a partyline vote, 10-8 although when it gets to the senate floor there are a number of rural state democrats who are not looking forward to take this tough
4:16 pm
vote, harris. >> harris: it will get interesting from here, mike emanuel, thank you very much. scientists now say it's clear, they have discovered an ill lewis seive building block of the universe, one that could help explain what gives all particles their size and shape. it's called the higgs boson. others know it as the god particle. scientists are working on an enormous atom smasher found evidence of it last summer and say their analysis strongly indicates it's indeed the hig boson which caused a particle to exist back in 1954. a giant electronic samsung perhaps taking a page out of the apple handbook. samsung is expect toded to unve the fphone. it's a fancy party going on at radio city music hall, down
4:17 pm
from the fox headquarters. the follow-up to the popular s-3 which has taken a bite out of apple the not so much here, but around the world. and apple is feeling the heat and the marketing chief trying to take his korean rivals down a beg. we're hearing this week that samsung galaxy s-4 shipped with an operating system that's nearly a year old. no word whether that's actually true. blackberry getting a huge shot in the arm, announcing, an undisclosed buyer picked up one million of the devices. the canadian employer saying it's the single big s in its history. and blackberry has been struggling in the consumer marketplace, but still has tens of millions of subscribers out there. a mysterious website adding celebrities and politicians to the very long list it's claimed to have hacked.
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>> a carnival cruise ends with toilets overflowing. sound familiar? well, just one month ago there was that huge carnival triumph mess. this time it's the carnival ship "dream" docked in st. maarten now on the last leg of a seven-day trip when it had some sort of technical issue. officials with carnival say it was not every toilet that overflowed and that things are now repaired and work a few hours later. the cruise liners are offering
4:22 pm
passengers home from st. maarten on charter flights. and last month triumph stranded passengers in filthy conditions in the gulf of mexico for five days. you may remember that and there were lots of pictures as you see to go along with it. the ordeal was a public relations nightmare for the entire cruise line industry. but according to the port authority, some 14 million americans take cruises every year. and an apparent hacking scandal that hit some of the most popular people in washington and hollywood, more big names nan music, sports, politics, a mysterious website has been posting what it claims is sensitive personal data of people, including first lady michelle obama, vice-president joe biden, fbi director robert mueller and attorney general eric holder. the site posted social security numbers, home addresses, phone numbers. so far some of the information appears to be bogus.
4:23 pm
now on the list, kanye west, tiger woods, mitt romney, bill gates among others. the fbi and secret service have been investigating, but so far revealed very few details, but the he credit reporting service equifax report that hackers did indeed gain access to four credit reports. fox report's chief correspondent jonathan hunt live with this. some of it is real and some is not. >> yeah, but the sheer number of the investigations underway, including the fbi and the los angeles police department would tend to indicate that they are concerned that a lot of this material, including the credit history, may well have been real. having said that, some of the phone numbers made public, we don't believe were real. we told you about a few of those the other day. for instance, the phone number published for vice-president biden was for the delaware seed and garden supply. again though, we called a number today that was published on this website for governor chris christie, our
4:24 pm
produce are first got a voice mail which said this is the christie's and we called the governor's press secretary and said this numbers appear to go to somebody saying this is the christies. the press secretary said we'll call you back in a few minutes and tried the same number a few minutes later, it was already disconnected. now, the website has also put up, frankly, errant nonsense such as this picture of president obama with the caption, "hey, mitt, you mad bro" so a lot of this just seems to be almost kids kind of hacking, harris, but when you get your credit report out there, if they indeed are true, that's obviously a he very serious issue, harris. >> harris: somebody mess was your credit, it's like your dna these days. this is obviously, from what we're seeing, a hassle for the individuals concerned, but jonathan there's a much larger cyber attack that officials are talking about. >> u.s. officials talking about it again and again and
4:25 pm
getting your credit history is published is annoyance, but when we're getting cyber attraction, millions if not billions of times every month now, according to officials, it's very serious. and a lot of these alleged attacks apparently coming, originating in china. now, the state department talked about this today and said they constantly raise this and other internet issues with the chinese. listen. >> we go into these conferences looking to create openness and fair level playing field and equal access to citizens across the country, across the world. we sometimes encounter in those for efforts to use international mechanisms to actually close the internet. so, this is one of the things that we'll talk to the chinese about, that as major economies, we have responsibility as leaders to ensure that international mechanisms are used to protect freedom of expression, and not to impinge on it.
4:26 pm
>> president obama spoke with the new chinese president by phone today. president obama's spokesman, jay carney, would not confirm whether cyber attacks were one of issues the two men discussed. harris. >> harris: jonathan hunt, thank you very much. the motor city's financial mess. today the governor of michigan took a major step to try to save detroit. plus, we're learning more about how the new pope, once a cardinal from argentina, came out on top in the voting. insight from one of the american cardinals at the vatican next. and a memorable at one school, where a 6th grader walked in with a backpack full of cash, a lot of cash. and guess what? she started handing it out. dos favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> well, she certainly didn't have to worry about lunch money. a 6th grader showing up at school with $20,000 in her backpack. this happened in michigan about ten miles southwest of detroit. the police chief says another child who lives across the street gave the 12-year-old the money, all of it in $100 bills. >> word got around and kids actually started coming to her asking for the money and she then started giving it away. as much as $500 to one students. a couple hundred dollars to another student. she added, this is a real first for the police, do you think? it's not clear how the child's neighbor had the money or why she was intent giving it away.
4:31 pm
parents in lynchberg, virginia upset after they say a teacher forced their children to take a lie detector test. the teacher accused the kids of swiping some candy and used the lie detector app on her o own. >> how do you feel? >> scared. >> i thought it was supposed to be me. >> and a lot could have been done not a lie detector test. >> and the teacher said it was all in fun and the students' idea in the first place. so far no comment from the school or the superintendent's office. i'm harris falkner in tonight for shepard smith. this is the fox report. electing pope francis, a shot in the arm for south america and latino catholics. those words from timothy cardinal dolan from new york, he says he acknowledges the importance of electing the first pope from the western hemisphere, but that's not why
4:32 pm
they elected the argintin. cardinal. >> we spoke about him often because he was widely known and respected. he's a senior archbishop of one of the most complex, large largest archdiocese in the world. >> and when making the decision, they all smiled because they knew people would be surprised. amy kellogg live for us tonight live from rome. what did the other cardinals say? >> well, harris, there's just so much joy and enthusiasm about the new pontiff and, yes, he's the first latin american pope, he speaks lots of different languages, the first jesuit, but we spoke to cardinal dolan today about what really got the cardinals excited about jorge bergoglio and they said there were some pretty lofty criteria from
4:33 pm
radiant faith to good record of pastoral government to an interior sense of peace and those were the drivers when it came to making this man the pope. >> it's the other things enhance that, south america, being able to speak many languages, that's gravy on the meat, okay? but the meat is the human nature that he's bringing to the office upon which the grace of god builds. >> reporter: harris, he said that they all really reveled in the fact that they had kind of outsmarted the vaticanistas and the journalists and the named outside the conclave, not a household word. >> harris: vaticanistas and sources we've talked to all along, what are they saying about pope francis? >> we're learning, harris, he was a strong contender the last time around. we're learning that he may have had an inkling himself that he was going to get the
4:34 pm
job because he ran into one of the vatican media people just before the conclave started, shook his hand and said, please pray for me. also, sean o'malley a bit of a darling here among the romans, relieved that he was not elected pope and he said it's like being a prisoner in a museum and he's happy for pope francis and says he hopes he gets to sneak out from time to time and catch a tango show, harris and hopes the new pope will come visit him and all the latinos in boston soon. >> harris: and some inside stuff. amy kellogg, thank you very much. president obama back on capitol hill for the third straight day as house and senate leaders battle over rival budget plans. the president has now met with members from parties of both
4:35 pm
chambers. and mitch mcconnell said it was a quote, great meeting, but senator mcconnell added, we'll see where we go from here. the city that gave us the model t, supplied the allies during two world wars and reinvented soul music is now the biggest city in american history to lose control of its own finances. michigan today appointing an emergency manager to oversee the troubled city of detroit. we knew this could be coming, people had hoped it would get worked out, it hasn't. governor rick snyder tapped bankruptcy expert kevyn orr, he helps with chrysler, but the detroit is a different thing altogether. a budget deficit more than 320 million right now and what that's translating as is things like this.
4:36 pm
the fire department stretched so thin it's proposed just letting vacant buildings burn if they catch fire. the city cannot afford to keep all of its street lights on, some city streets are just dark at night. trace gallagher with the news. trace, how long do they think the restructuring will take? >> reporter: well, the new city manager says he signed a 12 to 16 month contract and hopes it can be done sooner than that. as the governor said today, the problem took more than a half century to create. in 1950 the population of detroit, 1.8 million and today 700,000 which means that tax revenues have plummeted. so if raising taxes is not the answer then of course you have to lower spending and today the mayor said that everyone is going to have to give a little. listen. >> bottom line here is that we must stop fighting each other. we must start to work together and so, i'm happy that now
4:37 pm
i've got teammates. i've got partners that can help me do some of the things that need to be done in our city. >> reporter: of course, if they can't work it out, detroit would likely have to file for bankruptcy, which that would be the largest u.s. city ever to do so, harris. >> harris: you know, part of what we've watched in that city is their own internal politics and workings keeping them from going forward, in some cases. the city council, i understand is not exactly embracing this plan to go forward. >> no, and the city council had threatened to sue and late today decided against that, but the city council president still called the mayor a quitter for agreeing to this plan. i mean, you think about it, the public unions certainly are not happy because a big part of this restructuring, that 14 billion dollar liability means renegotiating pensions and benefits, but the new emergency manager says, bankruptcy would be even more painful. listen.
4:38 pm
>> the one thing everybody needs to know if you go into bankruptcy, chapter 9 of the bankruptcy code is weighted towards municipality and i don't want to pull that cudgel out unless i have to. i prefer to per sue a consensual resolutioresolution. >> he says let's deal now unless a judge would mandate at a later time. >> harris: thank you very much. the fbi added another suspect to the ten most wanted list. and investigators say he's wanted for the brutal murder of a 69-year-old man in the colorado mountains and they say he tried to suffocate a man and then when that failed, he scabbed the man nine times. >> all i want is for justice to be served. it's hard for me to get over
4:39 pm
it. i'm still suffering and it's he could be-- it would be so great and i would just want justice to be served because i would be able to sleep better at night knowing that everybody is paying for what they did. >> harris: all right. so it's important i get this name right, i didn't before. edwin ernesto rivera gracias, it's important because they're looking for him. likely hiding in the central american nation of el salvador where he apparently has ties to a notorious gang. today is the the first time in a long time jodi arias did not take the stand in her own murder trial. she's accused of shooting and stabbing her ex-boyfriend dead and she said she could not remember some of it. and we talked to an expert who gave possible reasons for gaps in her memory. plus, a car slams into a restaurant. you may not believe who was inside the vehicle, and who was not inside the vehicle.
4:40 pm
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>> the woman who shot, and stabbed and cut the throat of her ex-boyfriend has post traumatic stress disorder, that's what a expert witness for the defense testified to today. for the first time in weeks, jodi arias was not on the stand. as we reported and you've seen on fox she talked for 18 days talking to lawyers, jurors and lawyers again. today the defense called a forensic psychologist to explain the woman's foggy memory. remember, prosecutors say she planned that brutal attack on her ex in a jealous rage. arias has changed her story a couple of times and now claimed he she shot him in self-defense and that she cannot remember stabbing or taking a knife to his throat. yesterday, a prosecutor called her testimony impossible. and at one point, he asked if she quote, owned a watch. adam housley with more live on the west coast news hub. the defense is taking another shot at convincing the jury
4:44 pm
that arias was not lying. >> reporter: yeah, and they need to. you mention the weeks on the stand. 18 court days she was there and she was hammered by the prosecutor and even the jury. arizona is one of the states allowed to ask questions and many of the questions questioned her events the way she says it played out. that didn't help of course her defense at all so today they tried to rebuild the case and you mentioned the first witness on the stand trying to say, yes, she could in effect have that foggy memory. take a listen. >> the brain is not interested in remembering what's going on. the brain is interested in survival. and so, all our energies, our focus on self-protection. >> by analyzing the data presented to me, it confirmed that my suspicion was likely, that suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. >> reporter: of course not prosecution has not had the opportunity to cross examine this expert witness. >> harris: so, adam, 18 days
4:45 pm
we saw her on the stand. what do experts say whether her marathon testimony either helped or hurt her case? >> well, first of all, people -- if you talk to anybody who is a court observer or a lawyer, they say that having a defendant on the stand is kind of unique in a lot of ways, anyway, but for that long 18 days, extremely unique and add in that arizona jurors are allowed to asker had questions. a lot of people do not believe it went well for her. a lot of the questions continually were suspect of her details, of her member rischi-- memory and what she can claimed. and when she said she climbed up shelves to get the gun he supposedly owned. and knows when you put 120 pounds on the end of the shelves things would move, but nothing was disturbed as she hastily climbed up the shelves. the jury is suspect of her story. harris? >> adam housley, thank you.
4:46 pm
a rather odd crash scene as a car speeds through oncoming traffic and slams into a restaurant. you'll see why it's odd. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. china, here is the red electric car darting across the wrong side of the road, just missing two bicyclists before crashing into a building. witnesses rushed to the vehicle and found no one inside. its owner soon arrived and said she left keys in the ignition and police say circuit trouble caused it to start up and drive off on its own. nobody hurt. brazil, security cameras catching a doctorcking a biometric punch in clock at the hospital. using dozens of silicone fingertips and bore the fingerprints of 21 doctors and nurses and the woman confessed to fake how many overnight shifts she and the others worked. she could face up to six years
4:47 pm
in prison. chile, science is launching what they call the world's largest and most powerful radio telescope at an observatory high above the desert using more than 60 antennas to search for clues to the origin of the universe. japan, a dog circus entertaining youngsters in tokyo all from an animal shelter. and they say teach kids about owning pets and not rescue animals. and 100,000 animals are destroyed there each year. that's a trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> republicans who may want to run for president getting a chance to make their case at a large gathering of conservative voters. we'll hear from two rising stars who spoke today and we'll find out who won't be there. you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you !
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>> a fox urgent now. the pentagon apparently taking seriously north korea's threat of nuclear war. sources have just confirmed to fox news the military is beefing up the nation's missile defenses. congressional sources are telling us the pentagon is ready to deploy 14 new missile interceptors at silos in both alaska and california. those interceptors are designed to stop inter-continental missiles. president obama stopped deployment of additional reenforcements when he took office you may remember back in 2009. now administration officials are saying they've reconsidered, in the wake of those escalating threats from north korea. last week north korea officials vowed to bring it to washington after the tough economic punishments. and now move to the persian
4:52 pm
gulf where an iranian fighter vet approached a u.s. drone in the skies above the gulf according to the pentagon. defense officials say it got within 16 miles of the unarmed drone while it was conducting a classified surveillance flight over international waters on tuesday, but what of the two u.s. military aircraft escorting that drone fired a warning flare and after that the iranian jet broke off pursuit. you may remember in november, the pentagon reported fighter aircraft from iran actually fired at one of our drones, but did not destroy it. u.s. officials maintain they have the right to protect our military assets. well, it could be a preview of the 2016 presidential race. some possible republican contenders speaking back-to-back at cpac, the political conservative action conference. this year, a couple of potential candidates did not get an invitation.
4:53 pm
and campaign carl cameron, i haven't said that in a while, is at the conference in maryland. good to see you, it sounds like two speakers had very different visions for the future of the party. >> there's an awful lot of debate what the republican party should do for the 2012 and how to prepare for 2014 mid terms and 2016 open white house seat and today, we have the opportunity to hear both marco rubio and rand paul, both u.s. senators, both tea party favorites, with divergent views and conservative as well. marco rubio did not talk about his comprehensive immigration reform and bipartisan proposal, with a total of six members, three republicans and three democrats. focused mostly on social conservativism and made the argument that in the wake of last year's defeat the republican party doesn't need new ideas, maybe just stick to principles, listen and the contrast with rand paul. >> i'll tell you what the criticism on left is going to be, that he did didn't opt for any new ideas and there is is the fallacy, we don't need a new idea. there is an idea, the idea is
4:54 pm
called america and it still works. . >> the g.o.p. of old has grown stale and moss-covered. the new g.o.p. will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sphere. >> reporter: rubio's obviously recognized as a hispanic american who can help the republican party grow appeal with minorities and women. rand paul, the kentucky senator who wowed the country with a filibuster a week ago was definitely pushing a strain of libertarian popularism. two members who weren't invited. chris christie and bob mcdonnell, and didn't align with what they wanted to talk about. maybe depending next year depending on their records. >> harris: and cpac is planning a straw poll and gosh, is it too early for all
4:55 pm
this? >> it may not mean much, but based on who is showing up and running? we have people like paul ryan, the vice-presidential running mate, rand paul, marco rubio and a host of others and in addition to the newcomers who were eyeing the white house for 2016, folks like mitt romney and sarah palin who have run in the past who aren't necessarily planning on any kinds of runs, in the case of romney said they won't, but definitely want to share lessons learned with those who might as the conservative in cpac learn how to hold on to principles and in the last election haven't been looking at the g.o.p. >> harris: the answer to my question, is it too early? no, never too early. >> reporter: no, they're in the planning. >> harris: and what i got to say tonight, campaign carl, you tell mark lee, and tim scott spoke at cpac and they will go on the record with
4:56 pm
greta van susteren tonight at 10 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. well, senator john mccain is looking back at the day he and more than 100 servicemen went free from a prisoner of war camp. he talks with fox news about that very moment. stay with us. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ a flavor paradise of delicious fishes ♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses. [ sighs ] [ ringing continues, dog barks ] [ male announcer ] staples makes it easier to get everything your business needs. [ dog whimpers ] even paper towels. and now get a scott mega roll paper towel 6 pack for $4.99. staples. that was easy.
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